Monday, October 30, 2006

Week 5 Item #12 - Rollyo

12. I admit I had never heard of Rollyo before, so I had fun poking around the site. An early search without logging in was slightly alarming with the search term "frog" getting me more than one hit for "celebrity nudes". Oh-Kay, moving on, I logged in and took a look at what other people had listed in their rolls. A nice option is to grab the rolls other people have created (if they have them set to public) and add them to your own page.

So, being the adventurous type I picked up a roll someone had created for "World of Warcraft" (yes, I'm a WoW geek, or actually I'm NOT a geek, I'm a level 36 Hunter). Heading back to my personalised search page, thing started to make a little more sense. There was the WoW option right under the search bar. NOW I get it!

My profile is here, I made a search roll with three sites about frogs.

I can see the potential use of this, especially for those things people tend to search all the time such as general hobbies or interests, and it is certainly faster than going to 8 or 10 sites ad searching them one at a time.

Within the library, searchrolls could be linked to for homework help (for example), giving the student more flexibilty in what they search for but still maintaining a level of quality in links.

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