Saturday, October 14, 2006

Week #1 - Introduction

1. Having scanned over the 23 Things List I'm looking forward to an interesting trip! The internet really has changed so much over the past few years - miles ahead of the insular net I started out on when communities and content sharing were limited to the hardcore nerds.

2. The presentation on Lifelong Learning was interesting. I can see where I've fallen into the traps of closing off from learning much of anything useful.
Of the habits, I think I'll have the least trouble with Using Technology as I've always been a bit of a technogeek (just a little bit...) and have enjoyed finding and learning new technologies and services. The habit I think will be hardest to adopt is having confidence in myself, but I really liked the line "Don't say it or think it unless you want it to be true". Applies to so much in life.

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