Tuesday, January 23, 2007

#21 Podcast Tools

I've dabbled in podcasting before when a friend ran his own podcast "station". That was all recorded and edited on my own PC, converted to mp3 and uploaded manually to the website to allow people to access it. It seems we were doing it the hard way! (Maybe we were just trailblazing... yeah... that'd be it...).

One thing I really liked about Podcast.net was the ability to instantly play any cast you liked. I can't see a way to download them onto an mp3 player or hard drive though, unlike Odeo which is flexible enough to allow recording online (good for people who don't like to edit and just want a one shot run - hopeless for me!), playing from the site, embedding into another site (such as the Learning 2.0 blog itself) and downloading in mp3 format. Really really impressive! If I had anything to talk about, then I'd be using ODeo for sure.

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pixcom said...

Please check out Intellipodcast.com as well. It's a new podcasting site with many features, including record online, upload, download, it hosts your stream, supports audio and video and you can get a free account.

Thanks for the info!